Our Buildings are constructed with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). SIPs were first developed in 1950 in the US and have undergone continual improvement ever since. The panels currently comprise sheets of fibre-cement bonded to both sides of a thick, rigid, fire-retardant insulating core of expanded polystyrene. SIPs floors are supported by steel floor framing. The walls have steel posts integrated into them for additional strength, ideal for load-bearing walls. Roofs are made with colorbond steel corrugated roofing bonded to the top of long-span panels, which are much more efficient and cost effective than conventional methods.The panels are:

Strong and Lightweight

Extremely thermally efficient (reducing air-conditioning costs)


Quick to erect


Waste is reduced since the panels are pre-built to high precision in the factory using computer-controlled equipment. In-country manufacture of the panels supports local supply industries, generating jobs.

More detailed information on SIPs construction is available on our Australian technology partner’s website


At HAG we understand the enormous difference a house can make to people’s lives. Therefore we take the time to understand our clients’ needs, and work with them every step of the way to ensure that they will be delighted with their new home. Our Project Process is designed very much with the end-user in mind, regardless of the scope, and  the nature of our client –government, community or individual

1- Listen

We listen carefully to our clients to understand their requirements.

2- Specify

We translate our clients’ requirements into a building specification and design brief.

3- Design

We design the house to the specifications, creating the drawings.

4- Review

We review the drawings and budget with the client to ensure the design meets their needs.

5- Construct

We begin construction once the client approves and signs off the drawings.

6- Handover

We jointly inspect and formally hand over the completed house to our happy client.

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